Christopher Rizzo (New York, USA): Three Poems


for Joe Massey

How one hearting
says in awe
instance brightly
dashed what Springs—

to know no
wrong move into
words rushes sunning
spot on in

place what
language isn't of

value where
one loves where

one lights
loves right on


for Jess Mynes

Waking up to
ache turns out
what kind

kind of
to breathe to

carry on and
on like this


How breaks to subject
things thick with room
under sleep wall for
that happened with me
feel slit and for light makes in
verticals material happen
no luck painting on a picture
even you go
to careful see step
along with the rests
to do just this


Always a picture sticks
stones and words cripple
to work doubt out
leave you saw that hang back at always
light another one
how chalk up hulk meant
worked up and seem to move seen
ochre ochre ochre
kernel sound stone tone
speaks and myths
amusement confuse profusely
chaos every potential
sound out of


Type and ink absorbs to him
cobbles they together
how public this typos and relate
a blow such wording
touchstones happen and set as willed
treeing but arise do
where lit blades through
in zone a morn
adhesions bodily dally sketch
shone and try hone
no ideas but in acting on things
no spall but in clay says
stints come together stays breathe
into it intuit

© Christopher Rizzo 2008