Mark Young (Rockhampton, Australia): from Geographies



The black hats draw on the
testimony of French combatants
in order to place the object in
a logical relationship to the rest
of the sentence. Mick Jagger
is no exception even though
he appears as an absent image—
all dharmas are ultimately empty
of any distinction that would
separate one dharma from
another. China looms large,
offering free audio pronunciation
of consumer-generated product
reviews. There are no rail-
ways. The beavers must die.


It was the spatial
frequencies at the
Fourier transform plane
& the presence of
defense attorneys
dressed in their best
suits that finally
brought him to belief
in the Big Bang theory
of the creation of the



A fairly small
event in terms of
plate tectonics;
but the hard drive
ends up stripped
of all encrypted
data. Tabula rasa.


Storm surge, river-
boat casinos, the
biggest fertiliser plant
in the world, why
anyone would waste
over a pound of premo
in a giant joint are
some of the nettle-
some paradoxes of
democratic politics.

© Mark Young 2009

Kelley White (New Hampshire, USA): Two Poems


unhook the latch
blow off dust
lay on the table beneath a single dangling bulb
spine flat
slick leaves open
always to the tight black-lined woodcut
man on man
manu a manu
empty chest
heart beating overhead

It is said that Crazy Horse ate Custer’s heart.
This is not true. Buffalo liver, perhaps.

throw the rib-shell over the priest’s shoulder


this thing
this flabby old muscle
red and growing darker
fat encrusted
drying to tallow
in each chamber
one smooth green stone
like my eyes

ice arrest
the saw cut
that grinding buzz
the dental whine

“hey babe,
I’ll give you water,
I already had
my wine”
(wants a dollar,
give him four bits)

you won’t answer
(the child had
no ear drum)

Henry carved a green stone heart
on a brass stand and marble base.
The children broke it.
No one confessed.
They were all punished.

finger crook-and-pull
my own ribs
and still this hubbub

to become invisible
or rather:
the visible woman
clear plastic
head molded with Berry Crocker
hips a little wide, perhaps
a babe in the womb

ectopia coridis
child with the heart
outside the chest
iac arrest

I will be this small stone you might carry,
the brass paperweight that warms
to your touch,
your mother’s, yours.
Replace my wound
with a stone.
Carry the stone.
Live stone


in the city of sand
we build bone houses
we fear the wind
--it stings our eyes
with broken

in the city of snow we shelter
in frozen breath—

in the salt city
we live inside our wounds
--we wait for the tongue
of our heavy god—

© Kelley White 2009

Jason Bredle (Chicago, USA): Three Poems


What if all of my interactions with others are a figment of my imagination
and I’m actually completely insane
is kind of an unsettling thought I had one day
so I wrote to you
lately I’ve been struggling with reality
and put reality in quotes
to emphasize the struggle
but I didn’t think struggle was the right sentiment
so I looked in a thesaurus but couldn’t find a better word
but did find give the old college try
and tried
to understand what that really means, the old college try,
but I don’t know if college was really real for me
or if all of my interactions with others were a figment of my imagination
and I was completely insane
is what you would’ve heard from me that day
if I hadn’t thrown the note away before giving it to you
because I was afraid you’d think I was completely insane
is something you should never say
to the meat department staff at your neighborhood Dominick’s
because they’ll think you’re completely insane
except for the really old guy who can’t hear anything,
he’ll keep yelling
what, what
and you’ll end up in a situation where you’re yelling all this to him
and others around you will think you’re completely insane
and the point here
is to keep this insanity thing
kind of on the down low
because you’ve spent time in the hospital
and you don’t want
to spend time in the hospital
because it’s so lonely and the gowns are so uncomfortable and the food
is so average
but mostly it’s so lonely,
the way nurses interrupt your sleep at night to replace your IV,
the way nurses wake you in the morning to take your blood,
the way the morning lasts forever and the hospital staff
places you in front of cartoons as if that's enough to get you through the day
but it’s completely maddening
and I’m so sorry for everything I’ve ever done that’s hurt you
because I didn’t mean to
is what I wanted to say that night
I returned from the hospital
and we ate dinner together
and watched Primer for the fifth time
but instead I asked if the nurse
who joked about taking my temperature rectally was flirting with me,
I washed the dishes and wrote The Constipation Sweater, about a sweater
you can wear that helps facilitate defecation.


If all this is happening on an infinite number of parallel membranes
and my life exists separately within each of those parallel membranes
then perhaps some of those existences
occasionally transcend membranes
through some type of telekinetic wormhole
and find their way
into my dreams
and I’ve actually been violently chopped in some of those existences
or my cats are not alive in some of those existences
or I died in a gruesome airline disaster above Mexico City
in March 2006
in some of those existences
which before that time I’d feared was my death dream
and after that time
decided was about how my girlfriend can sleep through anything
is something most people don’t imagine
other people are thinking
as they whip through Dominick’s
on their way home from work each night—
most people are rocking out to Yes’s Owner of a Lonely Heart,
buying tampons and peanut butter cups—
is something I hope to communicate to other me’s
who’ve never had this thought
on all those parallel membranes out there
is another example of something I should really try
to keep on the down low because others may interpret it as insane
is a thought I had one night as I whipped through Dominick’s
rocking out to Owner of a Lonely Heart, buying tampons and pbc’s
but the more intense part of the thought I had was
what if everyone in this place is having this exact same thought
and it’s what Trevor Rabin was thinking
when he wrote Owner of a Lonely Heart
and what if all the other me’s
on all those parallel membranes have already dreamt what I’m thinking
but it didn’t make any fucking sense to them
because those me’s strayed from the me who’s here
in Dominick’s right now
due to decisions they made I wish I’d made
that guided their lives to completely different places
where they have tampons and peanut butter cups but they’ve never heard
of Dominick’s
because they only have Penny Saver’s wherever they are
and they spend their days with refugees from war torn regions,
educating them
or nursing them back to good health
and they wonder
if those they educate or nurse back to good health ever wonder
if all this is happening on an infinite number of parallel membranes
and their lives exist separately within each of those parallel membranes
then perhaps some of those existences
occasionally transcend membranes
through some type of telekinetic wormhole
and find their way into their dreams
because it might explain
the meaning of the dream they had Dominick versus the tampon cup
the same way it might explain the meaning of my dream
phoenix versus the flying chicken.


Let’s say this emerges centuries from now in some type of post-apocalyptic
Dumont Dunes hellscape,
people are either going to be blasting around
from membrane to membrane impressed with my forward thinking
or not blasting around from membrane to membrane
amazed by my total insanity
and I expect the latter
is what most people at this point expect me to say to someone
at my neighborhood Dominick’s
because I don’t do very well
with keeping this insanity thing on the down low
but it’s not something most people expect me
to say to the pudding
at my neighborhood Dominick’s
and the reason I think the latter is because come on,
if you’re living in some type of post-apocalyptic Dumont Dunes hellscape
logic would dictate that earth has regressed
from where it is now
unless the educational divide has become so extreme
that the highly educated have wormholed their way
to more tolerable parallel membranes
and left this post-apocalyptic Dumont Dunes hellscape to those of us
who enjoy tearing into a good piece of meat with our hands
and pleading to our faithful squadron to
bring us the head
of Orpheus the Mighty
for the Night of the Jaguar is upon us
and blood will surely flow
red like the river Hades through this long ago forsaken hellscape
in which case
descendents, I salute thee!
is something we’ve all thought about at some point
as we whipped through Dominick’s on our way home from work at night,
but how many of us have outlined
everything we have in common with the jaguar
on the back of our grocery lists
in the hope that we might be revered
in the chance this future outcome happens?
Here’s mine:
We are both solitary, stalk-and-ambush predators.
We are both opportunistic in prey selection.
We both bite directly through the skull of our prey.
We both enjoy swimming.
We both range from Paraguay to México.
We are both compact and well-muscled, with robust heads and powerful jaws.
We both reach sexual maturity at three to four years of age.
We both practice aggression avoidance behavior.
We are both the national animal of Guyana.
Of course it’d be ridiculous for me to want to be worshipped for this type
of forward thinking
but I think revered would be nice
but I don’t know, in this scenario there’s probably not
a lot of reading going on
but instead a lot of heat and blood and dunes
and filth and false idolatry
but the good news is if someone does read this,
I’m not going to seem totally insane
because the Night of the Jaguar is upon us, my brethren,
and blood is about to flow red like the river Hades, red like the river Hades
as you go forth and bring me the head of Orpheus the Mighty!

© Jason Bredle 2009

Jean Vengua (California, USA): Three Prose Poems


what do you think. half sleepy, once again on the other side of pain, ad nauseum, etc. she thinks about the angry blooms. how they emerge with such force, and with a little careful coaxing they give up black pollen. upended like that. turning volatile inside out, she can’t figure it. wants to sew it up tight with a needle and thread; wants a beginning and an end. she has a body and expects it to tell tales. a tale of a prehensile tail. well what does it have to say for itself? from which joint or talon or lip or tongue issues word? half a word. half a moan, then, in exchange for some tender strokes.

a blossoming non-pain along the elbow, even to the shoulder. pain of short shrift and some dribbles of light, and there among the curved rafters under the breasts. soft containment, the flesh thinning with age. sometimes turning the tongue on a word. nipples that are concise, small territories, templed; and these, once dark, that have paled and lost their boundaries. shift shift click. the knee dreams of fluffy pews. the back of the neck dreaming of ice. the tongue dreaming of ribs. stretch marks pay tributary to the navel, a locked door, both sides. where once there was a vortex of blood, there are a few paths narrowing to a stop.

she feels old. can’t understand she’s beautiful, even naked, plastered in signs and executed like once-perfect britney. “nudity is not a crime.” even when perfectly wet or close up, each hair is an aging fold, a suzanne, or a polly jean in the tub. the aesthetics speak imperfect and fleshy nouns. English wants to be precise. to be indirect is the best prescription. (sigh) i can’t stand these colors. the colors of autumn are electric collars for your gender. this muscle is a girdle that contains all erotics; although your erotics are not my erotics, we may meet in the middle (joined at the navel, so to speak). look: language falls down around my ankles, so revealing.

© Jean Vengua 2009

Adam Fieled (Philadelphia, USA): from Apparition Poems


What's this about making moves, said
the apprentice? I've got irons in the fire
with all these pieces, isn't that enough?
To have mastered how the fire works,
so that each piece burns right down: it's
not the only move that matters, but as
I just made a line of rooks rather than
pawns, what else could possibly get my
goat? The master heard this, appearing

limber, but quite chained to the voices
that were taking away the tools he used
to put his apprentices in their places. I
have nothing to say about this, he said,
as he wiped beads of sweat from a brow
that furrowed so intensely that all his
enemies insisted he had dark ties. Just
make rows of rooks instead of pawns,
and you will find yourselves kings and

queens. They all left him that night, after
dumping the ashes in a river that ran in
back of the workshop, into a black sea.


in your "not-I"
saying is sex
phonemes go
fricatives fill
in space for "I"
it's all I said
(was I saying
anything red
for yr blood in
you at all for
being me?)

© Adam Fieled 2010

Paul Siegell (Philly, Pa): Six Poems


the road otherworldly, “anyone else wanna see themselves
******on tv?”
the road otherworldly, crisis leadership and a discount on
******decisions when we’d really rather pay full price
the road otherworldly, sometimes everything in the salad
******tastes like produce grown on another planet

pick up a couple even tho they might be slightly troublesome

the road otherworldly, truckers who haul hazardous cargo
the road otherworldly, hurried the urine shot through urethra
the road otherworldly, to be gradually gravitating toward
******“Nothing. What’s new with you?”

from the rooftops we watch for the meteors of metaphor

the road otherworldly, Abraham, Alabama, iIn my tears for
*****America: today just needs to get on with it and let us
*********go already
the road otherworldly, poem Obama, Optimus Prime, Obama
******on Mount Olympus: (shepherd a breathtaking backfire?)
*all the hopes for Obama bohemia—
the road otherworldly, my coworker just sneezed


With prayers left in the crevices, tour-guided Americans lean against
stone, lick vanilla, speak of Wailing Wall and how incredible.

Bareback on a beast, a Palestinian boy plods up, shows off for the brand named,
whacks his donkey’s neck with a stick, quick, made from black irrigation tubing.

“—Whoa!” go the Americans.

Smirks. Goes around the corner.

Tzit tzit dangling, yarmulke’d yeshiva boys carry planks of wood
into the Old City for Lag B’Omer bonfires. Picnic festive and family full.

Little, they use the wall, masonry a few feet high, to slide the planks and rest.
Ice cream Americans smile, say Shalom, giggle with and get outta their way.

Returned, boy-with-burden meets boys-with-firewood and the Holy Land
comes out of camouflage.

Each in each other’s way. Language is used. Grips on the planks of wood
change, tighten, raise, as does the irrigation tube—

“—Yeladim!” detonates down from an apartment window above.
“—Yeladim! Yeladim!” a barrel chest yells. Yeladim means children.

*it is its self to be*

out of an avid gale, a hurricane of shape-shifting persuasion, the line

“of being born a trumpet” steers its sharps into the audience of dance

moves & their domain names: am I not the notes being played as well?

no ordinary hit a-the old http://, such weight of wakeful conversation:

out of the clarion lift, in the calisthenics of the scenery, wide breaths

[esc] toward something

*weird about the way*

the greatest quiet

betwixt the visual elixir
of emeralds

in Esmeralda’s ears.

related searches
in the avocado daylight

find the too

amongst the vacancies
of design

in a sold-out crowd
of cats wearing wheels.

but even then,

walking into the cough
of a Bono wannabe

’s got nothing
on the emptiest of inboxes.

*05.24.08 – JamontheRiver – Festival Pier, PA*
(—Thank You, Drew G!)

we pull up like a rickshaw
of firecrackers

he slips off his sunglasses, squeezes
drops in his eyes

fuses taunt the ticket-takers

ripped for Grimace, the Biscuits, the Flaming Lips


dyslexics, diggers

out for the apple, falafel, seven bucks for a beer

audition obedient, starry-eyed

three girls with eyeliner
smirk, slink into their brainstorm-mindset headlands

tympanic membranes escalated, bug-eyed

a guy with earlobes stretched by eyelets: expanders,
the kind you can see through, pockets his lighter

speaker-pumped chest thumps

a security guard with bright orange plastic plugs
shielding him from the deafening—

we pull up like a rickshaw of firecrackers, eardrums
triumphant, irradiated

and raging

*toast: is this a joke?*
(—for M. Mayers)

in the event
of an attack

against the United States


the possibility


nuclear war,

feel free,
my fellow heads,

and get bombed


before dead.

Joseph Bradshaw (Portland, Oregon): Two Poems


“the Roman god of borders, Terminus taught us our limits but also showed us the unknown”
Kathleen Peterson

In the terminal
shadows cast block
unyellowed light.

A room opens
to rooms, smaller
to larger, stucco

chipped, conceals
a swimming baby within
these walls, a

bird flown in through absent
chimney rustles
in the black that

of heard and known.
In the terminal, stepping

from the house
we have written we are
in the house, we cross it

out with a dash placed
between us as if
to connect, as if

a house was there—
the T stands alone, separates

He stands, alone.
In the terminal, I
see him walking as

if crossing a bridge, nothing
stands between to hold
past to will.

for Spicer

windy, eddies
before Thanksgiving.

A spider crawling
out the door
receives goodbye

the same as I
8 legs Wednesday
four Friday. Less

windy the sea-
shore in landlock
states: Shut the door

on a spider
the song goes:

Shut the door
or the words
we receive

a legless Goodbye
in this wedding
of Wednesday

a spider:
The saying of,
not the spoken of

Windy, eddies
before Thanksgiving

is hereby wedded
to a storm
a storm I said

The door is shut.
There isn’t a door.
Shut the door.

By Sunday
we won’t have any
need for that jar.

© Joseph Bradshaw 2009

K. Silem Mohammad (Oregon): Four Poems


light me up
I got glam in my backpack

an inside-out cake
the c replaced with a k

cocked-up cock-
happy coachman

control … stimmung…
kill y’all

like an albino cobra
licking your arm nub

like a little old
cream box juice dog

the type of dog it is
le hot-dog


I am the hardstyle pimp
I can barely read what people are saying
I have to decipher between tones
so I deem this a tonal study … or something

I’ve detected among Wyoming kidney damage lawsuit lawyers
the first threadbare reality sex to invade a tonal shift
a shift that’s swift and rather abrupt and I would contend
that no one here cares what you have to say

I bulked a tonal radiance through the used panties
uttering restrained and barefoot big real tits to myself, my god! looking about
I accompanied many marble dicks on tits bearing coffins
led by a tonal thing with a convenient head made of wax

a distant seven-shot metaphysical object terminating in a tonal hand
was not very hard-to-get-looking
having between its inorganic teeth a not-so-lonely chosen object
everybody knows you snort coke off of

Brian Eno and I would like some milk from the milkman’s wife’s tits
and big round chocolate rumps which were not such
as a tonal man would accumulate and preserve
not a tonal silence of centuries, but a tonal working sea … fuck you

umm, the neighbor wife in “more” gorgeous nylon panties
actually sings her tits off for once
they snuck a tonal spot on the grass outside for I had tested them
and overthrew the keynotes of the tits and the successors-in-spirit

a northwest flood of incomparable corruption
banished the upright jerking-off neo-rapture of go-go proportions
alas! however ultramodern I am of this
could it be that a big girl’s blouse covers up a pair of tits of greater than normal size

as for my tits they may perhaps fail of the fidelity they coach me
a growth of charming grass funnier than my head
their camps did fail because there was no grass
of no capital in which a tonal apartment can be so hired


hey, bitch, give me some roast beef
screw you, sexist

bitches who can’t read for context are of no concern to me
you can’t define men without making them separate from structuralist “hairy chasms”

which is really another way of making the claim that a signifier is haunted
by sustainable earth-friendly Tofurkey

for me the way to avoid the abyss
is to pursue a rhetorical low-fat food source

or go to Alaska
writing itself struggles over and over to go here

academic methodologism and paradigm-enforcement is just
far healthier for you than, say, Fresca

Dracula must be a werewolf though Canada for example
never learned how to get down on her knees eating Americans

the generation above getting in morphine and using guns and all that
the way history is conventionally about book proposals

they meet some son of a bitch who studied knife-fighting
they send his soul to psychoanalysis

I’m running with the “theory bitch” moniker
(is Madonna old enough to have a festschrift?)

what’s completely missing is a circular puzzle with no end

and really just leaving out
the beef and seeing how it comes out


“exactly who are you and why is it
you have brought this wood here?”
Ray gestured at the pile of wood

he’s a maniac, maaaniac on the floor sexual
he would live fast and hard and burn
himself up then folks would say goddam
like you can discourage him
just by punching him in the face

broken hymen of a priest in disguise
with a pregnant girlfriend
Buddy had taken pictures of
them pulling down their jeans

she was a white woman of some “smoky days”
“soiled hands” and
“smell of steaks”
Calgary where dinosaurs left mystery

“persists to throb in my head”
is iambic tetrameter
not pentameter

is everything fricking untitled

oh yeah right who’s going
to worship a rock she replied
I love this job

Lars Palm (Sweden): pieces of lanzarote

turned out it's
a bar where the cab
drivers go for a
beer or two between



jajce, yaiza
both towns
almost exactly
the same
way by
the locals at


(note on informal employment)

in arrecife, as in las palmas, as probably in santa cruz de tenerife, as possibly all over the archipelago (& maybe elsewhere in the world) some of the homeless serve as half-official parking guides/attendants. for which they get a couple of euro from the drivers using the service. they divide the streets between them, usually downtown side-streets, & work from seven or so in the morning until nine or ten at night. the only criteria are that you be reasonably sane & sober during working hours


most flies in town maintain
a deeply intimate relation
ship with poeple's feet

is there a weather fore
cast to be gained from
that? rain? of what?

or does it tell us more
about the flies & their
current fetish? now

seriously flies. in public?


a house that
speaks. a beach
that moved. a
sun that plays
hide-&-seek, &


perched on
the back of

a chair waiting
to be


pigeon returning
to the chair

across the table
for another


(another kind of playground)

& in the middle
of rambla medular
in downtown arrecife
there is a temporary out
doors gym


(poema de arrecife)

this apparently abandoned
ancient black dog turning
grey takes up guard behind
my stool at the bus station
bar first sitting then laying
down just looking around
& occasionally up at me as
if i could take him out of here


but who shall
tolerate who?

that is

who is in fact
superior to the other?



would be easy building a house here. the basics are: white facade. no more than two floors. doors & window frames may have other colours, although the darker spectrum of greens seems to be the preferred one


a house
burning on
the hillside
in a little
village called
la asomada
leaving the


then with
out warning
the torrent
came &
the streets
& as
it appears
the minds
some of
the people
& the
stray dogs
with every
step they