Matina Stamatakis (Albany, NY, USA): "Naked (for Mona Mur)"

NAKED (for Mona Mur)

soft planchette askew mine eye

which corners this triangle

with an open palm? these dowsing

boards & trompe l’oeil ?

your body: arches swirl around a dark

alphabet— I have witnessed the grand

eclipse of constants: eddying ellipses

I hold dizzy the nude blur

will eye eventually purge the visible &

release the invisible from your mouth

of three slopes ?

have we bespoken the gauze-silhouette

that touch of brow so gentle it belongs

in the scriptures to claim the sacred-kept

but for you there is no fragment of sleep

in the palimpsest for you I am

but a channel— amateur palmist

soured by revelation

in the eye of your colossus-root

I have taken-in & kept

at a distance

© Matina Stamatakis 2007