Laura Goldstein (Chicago, USA): A Creature...


daft habits jolt into damped laps you can say “don’t worry about it” several many times and at the end of what’s this an episode fractured season realized into sub pieces we’ll then see that but the telling truth of now begs you, new friend, for some other advice

relax into civilization. money ekes out the pores: cleaning it kills it. I thought that I would write you but you’re already written. I thought that I could fight you but I’m actually smitten. i thought that I was right in the place where I’m sittin but actually I’m already off on a mission

flowers unearthed strewn in and around the empty fire time and time in time out again
eventual crumble toward the end of something’s life span not visible but sensed
why denote or demarcate an aspect that evokes questioning on grounds of difference
it was in the 80s when these questions began to solidify and then steps backwards

not as handy handled in the lap need seat tabletop new idea of starting some line, horizontal approaching goes beneath and passes on a way not moving but proceeding we are then vision or experience tricks in a way that shows both present and future though different to both be true

and go to the bottom as a creature whose life is not worth saving (robinson crusoe) about a bucket or a truck of coins could now be considered a truckload of corrected manuscripts
corrected by the finest editors, copied by the cunningest manifestors, manifested by the most brilliant businessmen working in the literary world today

I think that when you can sense that someone should just not be in your space or is bringing negative energy into your life then just cut them out of it. there’s this seminar on actually not forgiving people. it can be best to just go with your instincts, gravitate away from those people but then know that people will be moving away from you too

some previously ignored suggestion. helter directional. More about triangles that function as arrows into and outside of this poem. Boiled water that’s cooling at a rate about a seeping that is telling. And no more assumptions about what stays and what goes ok

however, upon second thoughts, I decided to take it away. Just in case (robinson crusoe again) about the money again and this time it is money, not coins. Dusk hulks out there with a new name that lingers inside an older connotation I’ll web onto a mat of cool repose in order to find some will power oh here it is just convenience

an arrodissement of the head around the deft heft of having fucked up. I’m singing out loud without realizing it. there are four people around me (I’m the fifth) looking at me though I can’t hear myself. number one: camouflaged first person narrative, number two: neon-inspired withdrawal of light and (consequently) color, number three: androgyny in hound’s tooth, number four: tired fireworks finally uninspired. five. right? only that.

like flitting wood grain finally exposed or brick by brick window and dream are almost the same word in that language like door and doubt or door and duel almost a lightning fest of forget it on your way out or go ahead and use pressure on people and see what happens

the whole embarrass yourself thing I feel is really passé I mean in terms of social rules I feel that we should learn to give each other a bit more room to fuck up and it should be ok although it’s hard I guess to remember all that you should have learned about yourself and other people when someone just pisses you off

I’m mixing purple with more red. I’m waiting on a certain few things to happen. Imagination is not patience. Go and rough up the day there will be more sticking points. Shine up by rubbing down. All the remembering or all the keep yourself on target it’s all the talk in a way that makes you seem like

And then yes the one about being unable to perform in fact in this one I quit before the day was over, gave up on them, and they were young. In fact, one of them lives across the street in the housing project. But if they won’t listen, that’s it. but by and by there is the progression, the ones, many in a row about being able to carry too much. I mean, not being able

Not relying on how it sounds in the context of what it should sound like in order to be a certain thing rather what can be there despite what it sounds like. And not so much a separation between the contexts more and more risk in terms of social rules and pissing people off or at least proposing something that would dethrone a few.

I sure do hope you catch me at my most beautiful
one level is red, the other green: calibrate
assimilate, estimate, mediate, all the products
I ate, to date, I shouldn’t disregard tell-tale
signs but it’s too late

Quite. Lie. Hood. Raft. Rabbit. Raft rabbit. Albeit. Vice. Knot. Know. Landed. Seeded. Tell (n). bench. Search (yourself). Vie. Viscous. Couscous. Pen. Pose. Out. Or fuel most light pressed get watt age press earn our of wit get neglected bring ten red ones to town

© Laura Goldstein 2008