Marco Giovenale (Rome, Italy): from "first platform 2"

§ 0.2

it was at cape breton isle.
he is one of major b-fiddlers exporters.

mosaic isle. gravel. say:
surrender, say: board nothing, üre :00:4.

he boasts nothing. he puts cut
hands on the hob. he lights furs.

see a group of nuns praying.
intriguing, intriguing. fake exit.

in back lane pink pool of bones.
no clone dwarf with rifle waiting.

peaches. & the original tapestry theory.
quilt mud art always begins

as a crooked violin-flute duo
in august  which is voodoo winter

§ 0.2

two years minus | another year waste area |
informational master goofy coffee sipping maiden

they they furl nasa gonfalon. current. beware
of | hoops of stones and unmanned rockets
available through the month.

jamaica leader in spain and algebra mafia
led tin corporate sponsorship brochure.
soda fills both sides of the timecoder left

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: centers/ issues/ rêveries/
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: peeps/ peeks/ ices/ depots/
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: hacks/ views/ wee dew corn rifle
shooting beyond the lines. warned. the lightning strikes
all the children bows on the ground.
then x: nothing in the box. the mender came and go. he grew diaphanous.

you saw him. | better. | you know it.

§ 0.2

four circles. cup of glass crumbs.
baked seal-faced nyman silk.

catch the promo. it was just here. didn't you
see any lunch? the four famous black rabbits

laughed at the color statements by georg.
prune pig sewage n { archives suck.

undress handspun gut fiber x/200
 private request. | a. b. | { mimic the manner of connexion.

© Marco Giovenale 2007