Adam Fieled (Philadelphia, USA): from Apparition Poems


What’s this about making moves, said
the apprentice? I’ve got irons in the fire
with all these pieces, isn’t that enough?
To have mastered how the fire works,
so that each piece burns right down: it’s
not the only move that matters, but as
I just made a line of rooks rather than
pawns, what else could possibly get my
goat? The master heard this, appearing

limber, but quite chained to the voices
that were taking away the tools he used
to put his apprentices in their places. I
have nothing to say about this, he said,
as he wiped beads of sweat from a brow
that furrowed so intensely that all his
enemies insisted he had dark ties. Just
make rows of rooks instead of pawns,
and you will find yourselves kings and

queens. They all left him that night, after
dumping the ashes in a river that ran in
back of the workshop, into a black sea.


in your “not-I”
saying is sex
phonemes go
fricatives fill
in space for “I”
it’s all I said
(was I saying
anything red
for yr blood in
you at all for

being me?)

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© Adam Fieled 2010