Steve Halle (Palatine, Illinois, USA): "supermarket tabloid tableau"

buy one get one free
teriyaki pork tenderloin @ $9.99/each
buy one get one tom cruise,
buy one loaf Brownberry, get one
jar of Hellman's real mayonaisse
buy one katie katie holmes?!?

buy one new & improved angelina-30
get one brad-41
bye one jennifer-36 (gown by vera wang) bye

buy one more tom-43-i-feel-the-need
for katie-i-love-you-dawson-26
tom, i want your baby baby buy buy buy.

buy two (anna nicole) smooth scoops vanilla
get one (j-lo's controversial dress) sweet can of
(aisle six) pie filling free

buy one britney's (no waiting lane three)
hit me baby
get one justin (ten items or less)
get one cameron.

buy one addicted (TGIF on ABC)
buy one cute, anorexic twin
get one crash buy one
(i watched you) pill get one
(grow up) diet
(mary kate) free

free sex sex tape one tape paris two
gena lee buy one baywatch babe
buy one colin farrell (bad boy buy) get
"unauthorized commercial
exploitation of the highly private
and confidential (FREE SEX) videotape

Good quality of information--"

buy one get one free
buy one get one
get one free

"exceeds all bounds"

buy one
get one
buy one, get--

"of common human decency"

you may hate me
but it ain't no lie