Featured Poet: Chris McCabe (London, UK), author, "The Hutton Inquiry"

The emergence of Chris McCabe on the UK poetry stage heralds the arrival of a significant voice, one that is not afraid to be young, express "young" virtues- spontaneity, nerve, daring, humor (both coarse and refined), all balanced with an unflinching precision which validates the whole package.

McCabe is an urban poet with a keen awareness of history, and capable of a remarkably contemporary-feeling (and politicized) pathos. He is a lyricist whose limber use of free verse invites comparison to the best writing of post-modernity. Moreover, McCabe's willingness to work with conceptual elements links him securely to the post-modern tradition. His "Progress Poems" demonstrate a facility for glib-seeming yet dead-on irony, putting our humanist notions of psycho-spiritual progress on the spit for a thorough (and hilarious) grilling.

"The Hutton Inquiry" is Chris McCabe's first book, from Salt Publishing. You can visit the Salt website (http://www.saltpublishing.com) to obtain a copy, and it can be ordered from any Barnes and Noble. Below is a six-poem "sampler". Here you'll find a good-size interview with McCabe, which makes clear what his aesthetic, cultural, and poetic agenda is.

# 800: ivor cutler

see you next time he said I said not
if I'm like this (turned my back) he
said then I'll be like this (turned his
back) & there might be mirrors in front of us

he said there might be mirrors in front of us
I said not if I'm like this (turned my
back) he said then I'll be like this
(turned his back) see you next time I said


at the helm of the lightmachine bus
enter first through the on-come glass
into operating system white
heads down in handheld gadgetry
with a springing sound herein described as DIGI-BOING
we step off the bus into map zoned 2
having dogeared the tube route with the double-decker
which means now we have more money
but are in more danger
lost in the blueshrieked glass peacock's back
of South London

so every book is a car, then?

It has been published that George Bush is a reformed alcoholic with a conviction for drunk-driving, before becoming president of the United States and the driver, publisher of the middle-east 'road map'. all aboard & welcome. belt-up in the back.

# 659: cleaning habits

& for some- to wash & clean up- is to
piss their own shit-stains from the toilet pan

(after the first person to kill themselves live on the internet)

he told you he was hardcore.
his space in the network
was at equal distances
to everyone else- that is
immediate- simplified
into the boolean dichotomy
of voyeurism. he was the
watched. as he eat the string
of pills he could have
explained so much about
the geo-technology of
network space being
harder quicker faster
along broadbanded
bandwidth, although in
the general sense an
analysis far short of
Dr Johnson Re. 'network'
"anything reticulated or
decussated, at equal
distances with interstices
between the intersections"
short but Johnson did
not risk life to prove a
decision compensated for
in the technical common
sense of his final words:
"if I look dead give me a call"

# 1,906: bonnie & clyde

on the run from cops this life
of crime turns me on
snakes wrapped around ankles
red indians know our evil instinctively
each town appears in green neon
& people complain of bad head
but it makes me glad yours